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No deal as showdown reaches 11th hour

After a Thursday night meeting with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, President Obama announced there is still no agreement on a plan to fund the government through the rest of this fiscal year but held out the possibility of a deal by early Friday morning.

Following White House meetings on Wednesday night and again on Thursday afternoon, Reid and Boehner appeared together to speak about the negotiations.  But neither spoke after the latest meeting, instead opting to issue a joint statement reading:  "We have narrowed the issues, however, we have not yet reached an agreement. We will continue to work through the night to attempt to resolve our remaining differences.”

Obama echoed that sentiment, saying, "We made some additional progress this evening."  But he noted the late hour of the negotiations and attempted to put a timetable on the matter.  "My hope is I’ll be able to announce to the American people sometime relatively early in the day that a shutdown has been averted," Obama said.

The government would begin to shut down non-essential services beginning at midnight on Friday if congress fails to pass some spending measure.