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Obama agenda: Working into the night

“President Obama and congressional leaders worked into the night yesterday to forge a last-minute consensus on budget cuts that would keep the government running through September and avert a threatened partial shutdown at midnight tomorrow,” The Boston Globe reports. “The president invited Senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner to join him at the White House last night in yet another attempt to surmount contentious and politically fraught issues over just how deep the budget cuts should be. Emerging more than an hour later, Obama said the meeting helped to narrow the issues, but there was no deal yet.”

Here’s one deal that’s been reached: “After weeks of intense negotiations, the United States and Colombia have reached a deal on a free trade pact that the White House says is a vital part of President Obama’s economic agenda,” the AP reports.

The president meets with Colombia’s president today at the White House. The Hill says the president “broke with union supporters” in cutting the deal.

The New York Post puts President Obama and Al Sharpton on its cover: “My pal Al.”