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Walker orders lobbyist's son to return to previous job

From NBC's John Yang
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has ordered that the son of a prominent lobbyist be returned to an earlier, lower-paying state job.

On Monday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Brian Deschane, 27, was hired in January for a $62,728-a-year management job in the state Department of Regulation and Licensing and then moved a month later to the Commerce Department to a job that paid $85,000 -- a 26% raise.

On Tuesday, Walker "directed his administration to move in another direction" after he "learned the details of this agency staffing decision," according to a statement from his office.

Deschane has no college degree and two convictions for drunk driving. His father is Jerry Deschane, the longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association. The trade group's political action committee was one of the top five donors to Walker's campaign, giving $29,000, and members of the group gave at least another $92,000.