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More 2012: 'Syrup farmers' and 'ethanol freaks'

FLORIDA: The Miami Herald writes that Republican activists in the Sunshine State are beginning to fear the loss of special perks usually given to the state by the national GOP, especially as it hosts the 2012 convention, if the state sticks its planned violation of RNC rules by moving up its primary date.

Orange County, Florida Republican Party Chairman Lew Oliver wrote a letter to state Republican committee members calling on the legislature to stick to its guns on the early primary, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune writes. Oliver resorted to a little name-calling, decrying New Hampshire Republicans as “a collection of syrup farmers” and their Iowa counterparts “ethanol freaks.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Two conservative kingmakers, Sens. Jim DeMint (SC) and Steve King (IA) will headline the “First in the Nation Freedom Forum,” hosted by non-profit group We The People in New Hampshire, The Hill reports. The event will also feature three “top tier” presidential candidates, according to the group’s president, Jennifer Horn.

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, former Republican Sen. John E. Sununu takes a shot at Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, whose fixation on the idea of running for president, Sununu writes, represents the nature of “exactly the type of political figure our country’s founders were worried about.” He continues: “For the record, I do not view Palin or Trump as a threat to the republic. But like the framers, I have always felt ill at ease with officeholders or candidates who are too enamored with the idea of holding a particular office.”Aides to some likely Republican presidential candidates are grousing over the idea of RNC-sanctioned debates in which the committee would decide the format and moderators of each debate and candidates would help raise money by holding fundraisers held in conjunction with the forums, Politico reports.

“Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer will help lead a Republican National Committee effort to adjust and refine the party's national message heading into 2012,” The Hill reports.