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Obama agenda: 'It begins with us'

The New York Times: Facing turmoil in the Middle East, ongoing military action in Libya and the threat of a government shutdown within days, Mr. Obama conveyed his political intentions in an understated Internet video titled ‘It Begins With Us,’ which features his supporters talking about the need to re-elect him. ‘There are so many things that are still on the table that need to be addressed. And we want them to be addressed by President Obama,’ a woman named Gladys from Nevada says. Mr. Obama does not appear in the two-minute video, which directs visitors to Barackobama.com.”

The Washington Post: “The formation of a reelection committee will allow Obama to begin collecting cash for what is expected to be the most expensive campaign in political history. Obama raised $750 million in 2008 and is widely expected to meet or exceed that total in 2012.”

Politifact notes that of the 506 Obama promises it’s tracking, the president has so far kept 134. Another 219 are “in the works”; 41 were broken; 40 he compromised on; 70 have been stalled.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), an Obama friend, said he’s “not soliciting” the DNC chairmanship on NBC’s Meet the Press.