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Obama agenda: Unlikely to arm the rebels

The New York Times: “President Obama’s top two national security officials signaled on Thursday that the United States was unlikely to arm the Libyan rebels, raising the possibility that the French alone among the Western allies would provide weapons and training for the poorly organized forces fighting Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s government.”

The Washington Post adds, “The testimony came amid reports that another member of Gaddafi’s inner circle had defected, boosting the spirits of the beleaguered rebels. A top Libyan Foreign Ministry official, Ali Abdel Salam al-Treki, announced his defection in a statement sent to news agencies by his nephew. British Prime Minister David Cameron and White House spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday hailed the earlier defection of Libyan Foreign Minister Musa Kusa, saying it was a sign that Gaddafi’s power was eroding.”

“President Obama on Thursday signed a bill that funds the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill through May, as Congress began debating a longer-term measure that contains controversial amendments,” The Hill reports.

“For years, Richard Nixon’s presidential library was accused of committing another Watergate coverup. But now, archivists say, the stonewalling is over,” AP reports. “The library opened an expanded exhibit yesterday that scholars say provides a more balanced and accurate account of the scandal that brought down a president.”