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2012: Dennis the Menace

BACHMANN: Fact-checkers are still wading through Michele Bachmann’s claims, including one “that the Obama administration has issued one oil-and-gas drilling permit since taking office,” The Hill writes. Politifact had at it, and gave Bachmann a “Pants on Fire” for that one.

BARBOUR: Haley Barbour is going to visit Florida’s state capitol in Tallahassee to meet with members of the House Republican caucus on April 7, the Miami Herald reports.

CHRISTIE: “Chris Christie reportedly blasted President Barack Obama as a ‘poser and a preener’ in a speech Friday night at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual fundraiser,” Politico writes. “Christie, who headlined the event that raked in a whopping $10 million, talked about the importance of leadership in his speech, according to Twitter dispatches from inside the closed-press fundraiser.”

HUCKABEE: Mike Huckabee will speak at the Southern Baptist-affiliated University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky next week, the AP reports.

HUNTSMAN: Sen. John McCain, many of whose 2008 campaign staffers are now preparing Jon Hunstman’s “campaign in waiting,” said that Huntsman is a “fine man,” and that he’d be a good candidate “if he chooses to run,” according to the St. Louis Tribune.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s former Senate campaign manager, Rob Wasinger, said he’d encourage Huntsman to run for president because of his pro-life position and record, Life News writes.

KUCINICH: “Rep. Dennis Kucinich hasn’t said whether he will run for president in 2012, but the liberal Ohio Democrat seems to be acting like a candidate with his recent crusade against President Barack Obama on Libya,” Roll Call writes. “Today, Kucinich will take to the House floor to offer his rebuttal to Obama’s Monday night speech outlining reasons for international attacks on Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s military.”

PAWLENTY: CNN picks up an article in the Vanderbilt University student newspaper from last week in which Tim Pawlenty told the paper, the Vanderbilt Hustler, that Republicans will be able to pick up part of the youth electorate that voted for Obama in 2008 because “a bunch of people that voted for him last time feel duped, and they aren't going to sign up again for dupe version two.”

Pawlenty will be the featured speaker at the April 15 Greater Boston Tea Party Tax Day rally, an event on the Boston Common expected to draw hundreds, if not thousands, Roll Call reports.

“Obviously, an important thing to look out for is whether Pawlenty will take any shots (veiled or overt) at Romney on his home turf,” Real Clear Politics writes of the appearance.

PAUL: In a letter to supporters, Ron Paul said more trips to key primary battleground states are in the works. He also referred to himself as a “major potential presidential candidate” in the letter, according to the Texas Independent.

SANTORUM: Rick Santorum: "The reason Social Security is in big trouble is we don't have enough workers to support the retirees. Well, a third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion, because one in three pregnancies end in abortion,” per the New York Daily News.

TRUMP: Surrogates for Donald Trump are talking to New Hampshire activists, Politico reports. Michael Cohen, a Trump aide, is talking with former state legislator Fran Wendelboe to help consult on a potential campaign.