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Kasich's final push

From NBC's John Yang
Ohio Gov. John Kasich's (R) legislation curbing public workers' collective bargaining rights -- the most extensive being considered, much more far-reaching than Wisconsin's -- begins its final push this week.

The bill, which passed the Ohio Senate by a slim 17-16 vote (with five Republicans opposing it), is scheduled for a vote Tuesday in the House Commerce and Labor Committee. House and Senate Republican leaders met through the weekend trying to work out changes to the legislation that would guarantee House passage while not threatening the Senate's slim margin.

Some Republicans are pressing for a change to allow police and firefighters to negotiate over safety equipment. There is also disagreement over a provision doing away with binding arbitration to settle contract disputes, instead allowing elected officials to implement their own last offer in the case of negotiation deadlocks.

Once the bill is signed into law, unions have vowed to take it to a statewide ballot referendum -- perhaps as soon as this November.

Union protests are scheduled for the State House in the heart of Columbus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.