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Congress: Still no agreement on spending

“Lawmakers return to Washington this week with the threat of a government shutdown revived because staff-level talks on a long-term spending bill have made little headway,” Roll Call writes.

The Wall Street Journal: “The White House and Democratic lawmakers … are assembling a proposal for roughly $20 billion in additional spending cuts that could soon be offered to Republicans, according to people close to the budget talks. That would come on top of $10 billion in cuts that Congress has already enacted and would represent a deeper reduction than the Obama administration and Senate Democrats had offered previously in negotiations. But it isn't clear that would be enough to satisfy Republicans.”

“A significant new White House proposal -- appearing to double the $11 billion offer on the table -- was being reviewed by Senate Democrats over the weekend in hopes that an agreement can still be reached with Boehner on a top-line number,” Politico adds. “But the harsh rhetoric Friday night suggests GOP leaders still fear a tea party rebellion. And the continued absence of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) from the talks makes it harder to predict a final deal before the next shutdown deadline of April 8.”

Roll Call: “The White House’s effort to play catch-up with Congressional leaders on U.S. military intervention in Libya has done little to placate lawmakers who have become increasingly frustrated with President Barack Obama,”

“Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the federal government Saturday to probe the 2010 U.S. Census' finding that New York City had grown by a mere trickle,” the New York Daily News reports. "These numbers cry out for investigation," Schumer said.

“Sen. Dick Durbin’s leadership role in the Democratic Conference is a sensitive topic,” particularly with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s ascension, Roll Call writes.

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