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Mending fences

NBC's Athena Jones reports: President Obama participated in a National Security Council meeting on Libya today and will speak with leaders of Congress in a conference call shortly to update them on what's going on in Libya, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said during a briefing today.

It will be a bipartisan group, and it's part of what Carney called a series of consultations the president and administration officials have had with members of Congress.

*** UPDATE *** Carney also said -- re: consulting with Congress -- that had Obama waited for Congress to come back from recess, there's very little doubt Benghazi would have fallen and people would have died.

He also allowed that the U.S. was the "principal actor" in the first phase of the no-fly zone implementation.

"There was no question that we were leading in the first phase," he said.

He goes on to say it was a partnership, but that at least in the first several days the U.S. was flying a majority of the missions.

He said that ratio is changing and reiterated that the command of the no-fly mission is shifting to NATO, and that the U.S. would no longer be in the lead.

*** UPDATE 2 *** NBC's Shawna Thomas reports that Speaker Boehner's office said the group invited to participate in the call with the president is essentially the same that did the call last Friday before the president announced the action in Libya. Boehner will be participating in the call.

The list last week was:

Majority Leader Reid,
Democratic Whip Hoyer,
Senator Levin,
Senator Lugar,
Senator Chambliss,
Representative Rogers,
Representative Ruppersberger,
Speaker Boehner,
Majority Leader Cantor,
Democratic Leader Pelosi,
Senator Durbin,
Senator McConnell,
Senator Kyl,
Senator Kerry,
Senator Feinstein,
Representative McKeon,
Representative Ros-lehtinen
Representative Berman