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More 2012: States put the squeeze on cities

“The state budget squeeze is fast becoming a city budget squeeze, as struggling states around the nation plan deep cuts in aid to cities and local governments that will almost certainly result in more service cuts, layoffs and local tax increases,” the New York Times writes.

IOWA: “Thomas Beaumont, a veteran chronicler of presidential politics and the Iowa Caucuses, has been named Des Moines Correspondent for The Associated Press.”

FLORIDA: The Florida Federation of Republican Women passed a resolution calling on the state to follow the RNC primary rules and not move its primary earlier than March, the St. Petersburg Times writes.

 “Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that if Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) loses his reelection race next year, it means President Obama and the Democratic presidential ticket won't win the key battleground state, either,” The Hill writes.

INDIANA: “The leader of the boycotting Indiana House Democrats returned to the Statehouse on Wednesday for what he called a ‘very positive’ meeting with Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma,” AP writes, adding, "It's possibly the beginning of the end," Bosma said. "It's a positive step that he returned to the Statehouse. I think that's great."

NEW YORK: NY-26: “Just a year ago, Curtis Ellis penned an opinion piece that described tea party members as ‘self-absorbed, privileged children.’ Today, Ellis is the chief spokesman and campaign manager for Jack Davis, the wealthy businessman running on the ‘Tea Party’ line in New York’s 26th district special election,” Roll Call writes. “Davis may have some questions to answer about his campaign manager’s past criticism of the very movement he now hopes will propel him to victory.”