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Barbour: 2010 election 'most massive repudiation' in history

From NBC’s Catherine Chomiak
Mississippi governor potential Republican presidential candidate, Haley Barbour, said today in Nevada it would take a “campaign that is about policy” to defeat President Obama in 2012.

“The 2010 campaign was the most massive repudiation of any administration’s policies in American history,” he said in a brief interview with NBC affiliate KNVR. “The American people know all that spending, wanting to raising tax, after tax, after tax, exploding deficits, gargantuan debt, a health care bill that is going to drive up the cost of health care and an energy policy that’s hurting the economy. That all of those things made it harder to have economic growth and job creation.”

Barbour is in Nevada today to meet with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) and other Republican lawmakers. He acknowledged that Nevada is an important early primary state as well as a critical swing state in the general election. Barbour also reiterated that his final decision, whether to run or not, wouldn’t come until the end of April.