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More 2012: It's my aeroplane…

FLORIDA: Rep. Allen West has a new Democratic opponent for 2012.

MASSACHUSETTS: “Massachusetts Republicans are branding Newton Mayor Setti Warren as ‘not ready for primetime’ after the potential US Senate candidate incorrectly labeled a potential colleague as dead,” the Boston Globe’s Johnson reports. “During a weekend broadcast of WCVB-TV's ‘On the Record,’ Warren was asked to name the San Francisco mayor assassinated in 1978 along with city supervisor Harvey Milk. ‘Dianne Feinstein,’ Warren said after a brief pause, providing the name of the future mayor.” Warren later backtracked and corrected himself.

MISSOURI: The story about Sen. Claire McCaskill's back taxes on a private plane keeps looks more and more like a bruise. She announced yesterday that she'll sell the aircraft. Politico: McCaskill has now shelled out more than $375,000 in payments to cover the cost of the plane flights and back taxes, a series of events the senator herself has called 'embarrassing.'"

SOUTH CAROLINA: Long the primary staging ground for GOP establishment candidates, South Carolina has become a hotbed for anti-establishment forces, the Washington Post writes. Case in point: few high-profile prospective candidates have visited the state, but South Carolinians are getting to know some of the lesser-known and longer-shot candidates like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann.