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Senate sends three-week spending bill to Obama's desk

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell and msnbc.com's Carrie Dann
The Senate has passed a stopgap bill to fund the government until April 8, sending the measure to the president’s desk for his signature before he leaves on a five-day trip to Central and South America.

The vote was 87-13.

Nine Republicans, three Democrats, and one independent voted against the bill.

Republicans Mike Crapo, Jim DeMint, John Ensign, Orrin Hatch, James Inhofe, Mike Lee, Jim Risch, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio voted against the measure.

Over 50 House Republicans bucked their own party leadership Tuesday in opposing the continuing resolution (CR), arguing that its cuts were not extensive enough and objecting to the stripping out of some controversial ‘riders.'

Democrats Patty Murray, Jay Rockefeller, and Carl Levin – as well as independent Bernie Sanders – also opposed the measure, saying that the cuts in the GOP-backed CR are too austere.