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Clinton: No U.S. support for Libya no-fly zone

From Cairo, NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports on the ongoing negotiations over a no-fly zone in Libya.

We wrote this morning that lawmakers – and the public – are split about whether the United States should implement a no-fly zone in Libya to assist rebels against Moammar Gaddafi.

Now, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports from Cairo that there is “no U.S. support” from the State Department for a no-fly zone over Libya, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instead saying that the proposal must go to the United Nations, where it is expected to face opposition from Russia and China.

Meeting with Clinton last night in Paris, Libyan rebels asked the Secretary to launch airstrikes against three airfields, to offer military aid, and to implement a no fly-zone, Mitchell reports.

But the United States is not going to meet those demands, according to an off-camera read out after that meeting -- the highest-level contact to date between the administration and the Libyan rebels.

NATO is expected to discuss options for intervention today.

NBC's Michelle Perry contributed.