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More 2012: Kaine moves toward a bid

MASSACHUSETTS: Despite poll numbers that make it clear it's an uphill climb in Massachusetts, the DSCC isn't giving up on a challenge to Sen. Scott Brown. "Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is scheduled to arrive in Boston today for two days of meetings with party leaders, political operatives, activists, and Democratic donors as part of the committee's decision to make the Brown seat a high priority in 2012," writes the Boston Globe. "Cecil said he believes that the Massachusetts race could help determine the balance of power in the US Senate, where Democrats currently hold a slim majority."

NEW YORK: Wealthy businessman (and former Democrat) Jack Davis is mixing up that special election to replace ex-Rep. Chris Lee in New York.

VIRGINIA: The University of Richmond newspaper is pushing back against the DNC's claim that Kaine didn't definitively tell a classroom of Richmond students that he was in the race. From Politico: "Though Kaine said he would not officially announce the decision for a week or so, he said he was going to 'give it a shot,' after consulting with a variety of different advisers, including current and former senators, according to one of his students," reported The Collegian Monday night.