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Obama agenda: A narrower agenda.

In remarks today, President Barack Obama will call on Congress to revamp the No Child Left Behind Act this summer.

"The fragile bipartisan consensus that nuclear power offers a big piece of the answer to America’s energy and global warming challenges may have evaporated as quickly as confidence in Japan’s crippled nuclear reactors," The New York Times writes.

The Washington Post looks at how Japan's nuclear emergency unfolded.

The New York Times' Calmes wraps the journalist/politicos Gridiron Dinner with the president. "Stepping to the podium to the usual strains of 'Hail to the Chief,' Mr.Obama asked, 'Can we go with the song that we talked about?' Out blared Bruce Springsteen’s 'Born in the USA.' 'Some things just bear repeating,' said the president not born in Kenya." He roasted Bill O'Reilly (for his ego), John Boehner (for his tears -- that's not a tan, it's "rust," Obama declared), and even the U.S. Senate (for not being able to get anything done now as when he was a freshmen U.S. Senator).

He also poked fun at himself for his "cool" demeanor: “Alright, I hear criticisms. I do. For example, I know that people think I’m not passionate enough, that I’m too cool, that I’m too detached. But as I was going through my daily routine, sitting alone in my study (laughter here), meditating, thinking about how to ‘win the future’ (more laughter) I pondered this critique and calmly rejected it as thoroughly illogical (laughter and applause).”

The New York Times/CNBC's Harwood notes Obama's scaled-back agenda: "The only thing Mr. Obama truly needs — a spending deal to keep the government running — is as important to Republicans as to the White House. ... [T]he president and his aides are pursuing education, energy and economic goals through methods over which they have more control: trade promotion, other executive and regulatory authority, and use of the bully pulpit."

The New York Times' Maureen Dowd quips about Libya: "Didn’t we arm the rebels in Afghanistan in the ’80s? And didn’t many become Taliban and end up turning our own weapons on us? And didn’t one mujahadeen from Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden, go on to lead Al Qaeda? So that worked out well."

"President Obama’s administration has improved in its responsiveness to Freedom of Information requests, but still has a ways to ago, according to a new report on the issue," the Washington Post writes.

The L.A Times: "The right to carry a concealed weapon in California is mostly reserved for those at risk of violence — jewelers, bail bondsmen and criminal prosecutors among them. But some legislators say their job has become dangerous too. Despite objections from some law enforcement officials and even gun rights advocates, they want a law that would make it easier for them to tote firearms for protection. The lawmakers cite the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tucson and threats from constituents in California as cause for permits to carry weapons."

Frank Rich, who's leaving the Times, reflects on his years as an op-ed columnist.