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Roemer makes his bid

From NBC's Lauren Selsky
Former Louisiana Gov. Charles "Buddy" Roemer (R) today announced that he formed an exploratory committee to pursue the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Roemer, who referred to himself as a reformer and who noted that he had been "out of politics for 20 years," said he would "challenge the current system of money in politics from day one by setting a voluntary limit on contributions of $100 per individual," adding that he will "accept not one penny more."

While not calling anyone out specifically, he did say that "Washington D.C. is a boomtown, and the rest of America is hurting." He added that "Washington DC is a fundraiser every night and it's an auction during the day for retiring congressmen."

He also made mention of the current union issues facing other states, saying: "I love these governors having the battles now. We did that 25 years ago."

He continued, "So all the problems -- budget out of balance, tax code needs to be rewritten, all these things -- I've been through before in a real, but a smaller scale. I've added my business experience to that now, and I'm ready to make my case."