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More 2012: T-Paw wants MN to move it back

OKLAHOMA: “The [state] Senate has approved a measure that moves the date of Oklahoma's presidential primary election from February to March,” the AP writes. “The Senate on Tuesday unanimously approved the bill, which now heads to the House.” 

MINNESOTA: ““Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a likely 2012 GOP presidential contender, says his home state's Republican Party should move back the date of its scheduled early presidential caucus to avoid a conflict with the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucus,” the Manchester Union-Leader writes.  

MISSOURI: “Dueling bills in Missouri's legislature both aim to move the state's presidential primary in line with party rules, but one could lessen the state's role in the nominating process,” Politico writes. One “would move Missouri's primary to March 6, bringing it in accordance with party rules that prohibit any states other than Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada from voting before March. But a second bill, introduced this week by state Rep. Jay Barnes, would move Missouri's primary all the way back to June 12.” 

SOUTH CAROLINA: “South Carolina could be forced to advance its 2012 presidential primary in order to retain its first-in-the-South status if Florida leaders continue to defy the wishes of national Republicans,” the Spartanburg Herald-Journal writes.