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Governors indicate support of Obama health care announcement

From NBC's Ali Weinberg
A bipartisan group of governors praised President Obama’s announcement to speed up the start date for states to opt out of policies enacted under the health care law.

Speaking at a press conference during the National Governors’ Association winter meeting, NGA Chair and Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) said that while she wasn’t ready to endorse the plan as the head of the NGA, she was sure that many governors would support it.

“I can assure you there’s a considerable amount of interest among the governors,” she said, adding that she and her Republican vice chair, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, would have to consult with their fellow governors before endorsing the plan.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas also praised the announcement – a sign of its bipartisan support (given that Brownback was one of 28 Republican governors to sign a letter in support of the lawsuits against the health care law in Virginia and Florida).

“This offers a little bit of flexibility, which I think is a positive thing. But it doesn’t change the overall objection to the bill,” Brownback said.

Gregoire added that during the governors’ meeting with President Obama today, he requested that the governors form a bipartisan group that would come up with ways to reduce Medicaid costs, possibly with the end goal of recommending a package of changes to Congress.