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Congress: Searching for cuts in all the right places…

Democrats are searching for cuts, NBC’s Ken Strickland reports. A Democratic source tells Strickland that Republicans are "trying to confuse people" by suggesting Democrats object to any spending cuts.

Sen. Patty Murray, head of the DSCC, called the GOP proposal nothing more than a “Trojan Horse.”

The Hill notes that with Obama’s cuts and some others, they would be more than halfway between $0 and the $61 billion in cuts House Republicans wanted. But “some of Obama’s proposed cuts, such as one to low-income heating assistance, face steep opposition among Democrats.”

Senate Democrats in the fiscal “Gang of Six” want to separate out Social Security from the plans for entitlement reductions. Democrats believe it’s an easier fix and they may want to have it as a political issue heading into 2012. Might they announce something next week?

Rep. David Wu (D-OR) is facing calls to resign from Republicans in his state after reports of erratic behavior during his campaign. “In the weeks before the election, staffers staged two ‘interventions’ to try to get Wu admitted to a psychiatric hospital, according to Willamette Week,” per the New York Daily News