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More 2012: The Cathouse fight

NEVADA: The headline for a local affiliate in Nevada: “Sen. Ensign: Leave prostitution alone.” Two days after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called on Nevada to abandon legalized prostitution, Sen. John Ensign (R), who was embroiled in a cheating scandal, said of the cathouse culture, "You know, that's a county by county issue and I think and it should be left to the counties.”

NEW YORK: “Once again, the tea party movement is poised to play a critical role in deciding a New York special election,” Roll Call writes. “But major questions remain in New York’s 26th district over whether grass-roots conservatives will support the establishment favorite, state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R), or the tea party’s sentimental favorite, Iraq War veteran David Bellavia (R). Their decision could help deliver the traditionally Republican seat to Democrats, although Bellavia appears to be running as a third-party candidate regardless.”

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced plans Thursday morning to go after several Republicans for recently endorsing budget cuts to ‘restrict women’s access to legal and lifesaving health care services while preserving taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil companies,’” Roll Call reports. “It is among the first efforts linking the GOP to budget cuts aimed at Planned Parenthood. Women, of course, are a key demographic who voted in unusually high numbers for Republicans last November and could play a pivotal role in 2012. … The Republican targets include Reps. Ann Marie Buerkle (N.Y.), Nan Hayworth (N.Y.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Jon Runyan (N.J.) and Steve Stivers (Ohio).”