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What's on the table regarding Libya

According to a senior NSC official, here's EVERYTHING that is truly "on the table" when it comes to Libya at the moment. Some of these items are easier to make happen than others, but it's a menu of options on the table:

-- Push for a "stronger" U.N. Security Council "product, possibly a resolution, possibly sanctions, enforcement mechanisms, and accountability measures."
-- Support Mexico's initiative "to suspend Libya from the U.N. Human Rights Council."
-- Issue a presidential executive order "with sanctions, which could include visa and travel restrictions, asset freezes and/or seizures, civil aviation restrictions" that would be coordinated with allies.
-- Suspend the country's export licenses.
-- Create and enforce a no-fly zone.
-- Freeze the assets of certain Libyan individuals (i.e. the entire Khaddafy family).
-- Send in humanitarian relief.
-- Increase the ability to broadcast into Libya.