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FBI arrests terrorist suspect in Texas

From NBC's Pete Williams
The suspicions of a North Carolina chemical dealer have led to the arrest of a college student in Texas, who is accused of plotting to carry out bomb attacks in the U.S.

The FBI arrested 20-year-old Khalid Al-M Aldawsari, a Saudi Arabian college student in Lubbock, late yesterday. Agents say he was in the process of buying chemicals that could be used to make a powerful bomb. They say a search of his home found documents indicating that he has been planning a terror attack in the U.S. "for years" and was inspired by bin Laden's speeches.

Investigators say they found e-mails that Aldawsari sent to himself, one of which was titled "targets." It listed the home addresses of three former U.S. soldiers who served at abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, reservoirs and dams in California and Colorado, and "the Dallas address for former President George W. Bush," court document say.