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Christie delivers his budget speech in NJ

From NBC's Lauren Selsky
Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this afternoon delivered his 2011-2012 budget to a joint session of the New Jersey State Legislature.
He introduced his new "bottom-up" approach to budgeting -- stopping old commitments, and setting new priorities to meet New Jersey's 21st century challenges -- as the "new normal" in the state, and pointed out that New Jersey has become a "leader in fiscal discipline."
He also seemed to strike a bipartisan tone as he mentioned -- multiple times -- that states with Republican and Democratic governors are now looking towards New Jersey as a national model.
"Democratic governors and Republican governors now look to New Jersey as a beacon of hope for what can happen when leaders lead and a people sacrifice as one for the future of our children. I thank the people of New Jersey for standing with me in turning our state into a national model."
"Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter. We are all facing the same problems. These problems are bigger than either political party. The promises of the past are too expensive, and the prospects of the future are too important to stay on the old, failed course."
"Today, states as diverse as California and Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida, New York and New Mexico are following the New Jersey model we fought for last year."