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Badger State Showdown: Walker's fireside chat

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker walks away after talking to the media at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis. on Monday.

"No resolution appeared imminent yesterday to the stalemate over union rights in Wisconsin, leaving Senate Republicans resigned to forge ahead with less-controversial business such as tax breaks for dairy farmers and commending the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl," the AP reports. "As the standoff entered its second week, none of the major players offered any signs of backing down in a high-stakes game of political chicken that has riveted the nation and led to ongoing public protests that drew a high of 68,000 people on Saturday. Thousands more braved cold winds and temperatures in the 20s to march again yesterday, waving signs that said 'Stop the attack on Wisconsin families’ and 'Solidarity.’" The 14 Democratic senators remained missing for a fifth day.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "In a move meant to lure boycotting opposition senators back to Wisconsin, the Republican leader of the state Senate threatened Monday to force a vote soon on a bill that is abhorred by Democrats: requiring people to show an ID at the polls." More: "Monday's events presaged a hectic week, with the Assembly set to vote Tuesday on the budget-repair bill and the Senate planning at the same time to take up other bills to try to force Democrats in that house to return to the state. At 6 p.m. Tuesday, Walker - who has shown no sign of relenting - will address voters directly in a "fireside chat."