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GOP Rep.: Kids shouldn't run to mommy and daddy for health care

U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston at Chatham County Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia.

From NBC's Luke Russert
Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) came out strongly against a provision of health-care overhaul that is actually quite popular across the country.

Talking on the House floor today about the provision that allows children to stay on their parent's health-care plan until they're 26 years old, Kingston said (paraphrasing here, but pretty close):

"I have four kids under the age of 26. I have raised them to be responsible. The average age of soldiers in Vietnam was 19. World War II probably the same. I have raised my kids to be responsible, to get health care at 21. Kids don't need to be running home to mommy and daddy until they're 26 for healthcare."