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Badger State showdown: Hide and seek

In Wisconsin, “A group of Democratic lawmakers blocked passage of a sweeping anti-union bill yesterday, refusing to show up for a vote and then abruptly leaving the state in an effort to force Republicans to the negotiating table,” the AP writes. “Hours later, one member said that they had left Wisconsin. ‘The plan is to try and slow this down because it’s an extreme piece of legislation that’s tearing this state apart,’ Senator Jon Erpenbach said by phone. He refused to say where he was.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Democrats holed up in the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center in Rockford, Ill., while Republicans said they wanted law enforcement to bring them to the Capitol if they were still in Wisconsin. Walker called for Democrats to call off their ‘stunt’ and ‘show up and do the job they're paid to do.’ ‘It's either a matter of making reductions and making modest requests of our government employees or making massive layoffs at a time when we don't need anyone else laid off,’ Walker said.”