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More 2012: On Giffords and the AZ SEN race

ARIZONA: Stu Rothenberg on Gabrielle Giffords and the possibility of running for the Senate: “Given the lack of details about the Congresswoman’s recovery

FLORIDA: “Florida should keep its early presidential primary date in 2012 and the Republican National Committee would be wise to accommodate the important swing state, Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio says,” per the Palm Beach Post. “As long as the voters of Florida are going to pay for this election, it should be on the most meaningful day possible,” Rubio said. “An election in late January costs the same as an election in April, but it’s a lot more meaningful.”

VIRGINIA: Tom Perriello (D), who lost his reelection bid in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, says he’d consider running for Senate against George Allen (R) if former Gov. Tim Kaine, currently DNC chairman, doesn’t run.