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Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton to leave White House

From NBC's Savanah Guthrie
Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton, who was a finalist for the job vacated by Robert Gibbs last week, has told friends he is leaving the administration to start a new political consulting firm.

In an email, Burton said he is going to partner with another White House aide, Sean Sweeney, to "start a firm focused on political and strategic consulting."

He said there would more information about the new venture forthcoming, "once we figure out things like name, location and where one buys those comfy ergonomic office chairs."

Burton joined the Obama campaign early on. He was Gibbs' primary deputy and traveled often with the president when Gibbs could not. He regularly conducted the "gaggle" (off camera briefing) aboard Air Force One. In recent days, he has been helping in the prep sessions for Jay Carney, the new White House press secretary.