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Senate week ahead

From NBC's Ken Strickland
As the president's budget for 2012 arrives at the Capitol Monday morning, so begins the parade of administration officials going to Congress to defend it. In the Senate, over the course of three days, there are six hearings about the president's budget.

But before the hearings begin, Republican budget leaders will fire the opening salvo. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and top Senate Budget Committee Republican Jeff Sessions hold a news conference Monday at 2:30 pm.

Here's a quick look at the Senate's budget hearing schedule this week:
TUESDAY: OMB Director Jack Lew, Budget Committee (2:00 pm); HHS Secretary Sebelius, Finance Committee (2:30 pm)
WEDNESDAY: Energy Secretary Chu, Energy/Natural Resources Committee (9:30 am); Treasury Secretary Geithner, Finance Committee (10:00 am)
THURSDAY:- Geithner, Budget Committee (10:00 am); Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Homeland Security Committee (2:30 pm).

Also, the Senate Banking Committee is calling Wall Street's heavy-hitters back for a six-month review of last years financial regulatory reform law. Slated to appear are Fed Chairman Bernanke, FDIC Chair Bair, and SEC Chair Schapiro.

On the floor this week, Senate leaders hope to complete work on the FAA authorization bill. And next week, starting on Feb. 21, the Senate is out of session for its President's Day week-long recess.