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Fake Palin shows up at CPAC, confusing some onlookers

A Sarah Palin impersonator walked the halls at CPAC, confusing throngs of onlookers.

From NBC's Kevin Hurd
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin won't show up at CPAC this year.

But the fake Sarah Palin did.

A woman, who looked and dressed like the famous Republican, started walking around and doing interviews. In fact, she began drawing a crowd. People requested pictures, asked questions, and expressed their support for her.

Mumbles of mixed reactions buzzed through the crowd about her legitimacy. One person said, "That's not the real Palin," while another said, "You bet. That is real, legitimate Palin." Another mentioned checking her latest Twitter status to verify whether or not it was her.

But a staff member escorting the woman around confirmed that, despite her similarity, this was not the real former governor.