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Congress: Tea Party wins again

Per the New York Times, "House Republican leaders said Thursday that they would accede to demands from conservatives and dig deeper into the federal budget for billions of dollars in additional savings this year, exhibiting the power of the Tea Party movement and increasing chances of a major fiscal clash with Democrats."

"The uprising exposed serious divisions among Republicans bent on reducing the size of government, the defining issue of the campaign that swept them back into power in the House this fall. Dozens of freshmen, fueled by tea party fervor, are demanding a rapid response to the groundswell of public anger," the Washington Post says.

The Hill: “Not good enough: Tea Party freshmen sink Republican spending plan.”

The AP writes of the Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) Craigslist scandal: “He was one of Congress' rising stars at lunchtime and was out of office by dinner. Republican Rep. Christopher Lee fell from power this week with a velocity seldom seen in the annals of Washington sex scandals, a blinking red caution sign for those who need one that the speed and reach of the Internet can crash a political career in the time it takes to push a button… What happened in between in the congressional complex remains unclear. But Republicans, still scrambling for their footing less than two months after assuming control of the House of Representatives, where Lee represented New York state, insisted that Lee, who is married and has a young son, did not need to be pushed.”

The headline of the Boston Globe’s editorial: “Internet: A congressman loses his shirt.” The Globe makes this point: “In the past, such recklessness led to plenty of private pain, but today’s technological and media environment ratchets up the agony.”