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U.S. reaction to Mubarak's decision not to step down

From NBC's Jim Miklaszewski
U.S. sources who have been closely involved in the Egyptian crisis tell us that "Mubarak is going nowhere," at least for now, and that they were "taken by surprise," by tonight's announcement.

They, too, are concerned about Mubarak's statement (according to the translator) that to restore confidence in the economy Mubarak would "federalize the streets." (U.S. presidents have "federalized" military forces to confront segregationists, anti-war protestors, etc.).

According to one official however, "We have assurances, both PRIVATE and public that the [Egyptian] military would not fire on the people."

Intelligence officials are also scrambling to try to determine exactly what this all means. According to one official, "We didn't know exactly what Mubarak was going to do tonight. There was an assumption he would step down, but it looks like he's got other ideas."