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2012 (R): "Mitt-hew" Romney

BARBOUR: While in Israel later this week, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

DANIELS: The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody asks who, if Mitch Daniels runs for president, will “call him out” on Daniels’ asking for a “truce” on social issues. “Whoever does it first will immediately endear himself or herself to social conservatives nationwide. Who’s going to do it?”

GINGRICH: “A characteristically feisty Newt Gingrich mixed it up – and traded some good-natured cracks - with Howard Dean about immigration policy and a host of other hot-button issues Tuesday night during a student-sponsored debate at George Washington University,” Politico writes.

The former House speaker and his wife Callista added their voices to the chorus of praise for late president Ronald Reagan, penning an op-ed in USA Today commemorating his 100th birthday, calling Reagan “an everyday hero whose life was defined by a deep patriotism.”

Former Arkansas Gov. and Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee, right, shakes hands with children during his visit to a performing arts center in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ariel, Tuesday.

HUCKABEE: “Potential 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told Jewish settlers Monday that attempts to prevent them from building in east Jerusalem are as outrageous as housing discrimination in the United States,” the AP writes. “‘I cannot imagine, as an American, being told I could not live in certain places in America because I was Christian, or because I was white, or because I spoke English,’ he said.” 

Huckabee will speak at an anti-abortion dinner in Orlando, Florida on February 15, according to WORL Radio. The event will benefit Heroic Media, which places “positive, life-affirming television commercials, billboards and Internet in Florida.”

HUNTSMAN: “Mark McKinnon, a former Democrat and co-founder of the non-partisan group ‘No Labels,’ had nothing but praise for the former chief executive in a statement to Hotline On Call.” "John Huntsman's entry into the Republican primary race adds a needed element of freshness and excitement that has been lacking," McKinnon told Hotline. "He's a serious player with solid credentials. He should be taken seriously."

ROMNEY: In an interview on CNN last night, Mitt Romney said this about 2012, per NBC’s Catherine Chomiak: "I don't have an answer for you yet because there a lot of things you have to consider before you make that final decision. Clearly, I'm doing the things like other folks are doing to keep the option open and moving forward in the event that I make a positive decision. But there are matters of health, of support, of the kind of network you'd like to have of individuals behind you. Those are things you've got to assess before you make a final decision."

Romney added, "No, I don't have a 100% answer ready to go. My wife thinks I should run. She's absolutely committed. She's saying 'You gotta run,' 'You gotta have somebody who understands the world of the economy.'"

Romney also read the Top 10 on Letterman last night. Here are few highlights, per the Boston Globe: No. 10: "'Mitt' is short for 'Mitt-thew.'" No. 9, Romney joked that he can't begin his day without reading The Washington Post — and socialite Kim Kardashian's Tweets. No. 8: "I'm the guy in the photo that comes in your picture frame.'' Here's a clip of the segment

NEVADA: "The Senate Ethics Committee appointed a special counsel yesterday to lead the investigation of activities connected to Senator John Ensign’s affair with a political aide," AP writes. "The move is a dramatic turn in the probe of the Nevada Republican that has been underway for six months, suggesting the scrutiny will run deep into the 2012 election season."