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Harry Reid lectures freshman Democrat for tardiness

*** UPDATE *** Here is the video:

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This is about as Ari Gold as DC gets. 

Freshman Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) was five minutes late to preside over the Senate yesterday, and that did not go down well with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 

When Blumenthal showed up, Reid can be seen telling Blumenthal, per the Washington Times:

"You can't do this," Mr. Reid said in a stern whisper, audible to spectators in the public galleries above the chamber floor. "I need you here."

On video, Reid is seen gesturing sternly and shaking his head.

According to NBC Connecticut:

“A spokesperson for Blumenthal said the Senator was speaking with the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, which caused him to be a few minutes late to the Senate floor.”