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Obama agenda: Talking transition

"The Obama administration firmly aligned itself on Sunday with the protest movement that has overtaken Egypt, calling for an "orderly transition" to a more representative government amid rising U.S. concern that the demonstrations are turning violent and that unrest could spread across the Arab world," the Washington Post reports. "In telephone calls to Egyptian and regional leaders, President Obama and his top national security advisers tried to reassure them that their countries remain vital U.S. strategic partners, while warning that the political status quo is not sustainable."

The economic fallout: “Investors have largely shrugged off several of these unexpected developments recently, including the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, but the situation in Egypt has the potential to cause more widespread uncertainty, especially if oil and other commodities keep surging or the unrest spreads to more countries in the Middle East,” the New York Times says. “While Egypt’s banks and stock market closed Monday because of the chaos there, the uncertainty weighed on markets elsewhere.”

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley explained his criticism on the health-care law. “What I was commenting on really was the politics really of the movement, of the moment, around health care,” he said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’” per Roll Call. “I thought it was a very difficult climate to try to accomplish what they tried to, and I think the results, because of the misinterpretation of health care by many people, had a negative impact on Democrats.”

Speaking of difficult-to-pass, divisive legislation… “The White House is laboring to put political distance between President Obama’s new energy plan and climate legislation that’s moribund on Capitol Hill,” The Hill writes.

President Obama and Speaker Boehner appear open to golfing together, though Boehner’s talking some smack: "I'm sure I'll have to give him strokes," Boehner said on FOX.

And: “Democratic lawmakers in Hawaii introduced a bill this week that would allow anybody to obtain Obama's personal documents, an effort aimed to silence so-called ‘birthers’ and close a projected $800 million budget deficit over the next two years,” The New York Daily News reports. “The legislation would reverse a privacy law that bars the release birth records to anybody without a tangible interest, like family members.” Meanwhile, a “birther” billboard sprung up in Colorado with a caricature of Obama with and without a turbin on with the title, “President or Jihad? Birth Certificate. Prove it. Wake Up America! Remember Ft. Hood.”