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Obama agenda: Transitions

“Jay Carney, the spokesman for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and a former Washington bureau chief for Time magazine, will become White House press secretary as part of a final flurry of personnel changes in a months-long makeover of the West Wing,” the New York Times says.

In addition to Jay Carney being named White House press secretary, “other notable changes include Stephanie Cutter as deputy to senior adviser David Plouffe, David Lane as counselor to Daley and Rob Nabors as the new director of legislative affairs. Nabors, a former official at the Office of Management and Budget, replaces Phil Schiliro,” Roll Call writes.

The Washington Post on the transitions at the White House: "What has emerged is a staff that is well-versed in the ways of the Obama operation but not necessarily as entrenched in its culture. Democratic operatives who have long complained about the insular nature of the Obama West Wing said they are hopeful members of the new group will conduct greater outreach as they develop strategy for the next two years."

On the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this of Obama and not addressing gun control in the State of the Union: “I think the president missed an opportunity, but I am encouraged. Presidents don't have a problem in fighting wars overseas. Congress doesn't have a problem in funding wars overseas. But we have a war on the streets of our cities, big and small.  And we have to do something about that.”