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Rivera's campaign responds

From NBC's Shawna Thomas
After posting on Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) and the ethics headache he may cause the House Republicans, his congressional office responded saying his "campaign" was taking care of any questions having to do with the ongoing investigation into his "alleged financial improprieties." 
In an email to First Read, Rivera's campaign contends that "he has not committed any wrongdoing whatsoever." It put out a statement on January 3, 2011 explaining that Rivera had already submitted his congressional 2010 financial disclosures before the May deadline "in order to dispel any speculation surrounding his personal finances that were raised by political opponents during the recent election and by subsequent media reports. These federal financial disclosure documents, along with previously-amended State of Florida financial disclosure forms, demonstrate clearly that Congressman-elect Rivera, as he has stated repeatedly, never received income from entities that have been the subject of speculation in the media - including Flagler Dog Track, Millennium Marketing, or any other entity associated with a 2008 slot machine referendum in Miami-Dade County."

(The reason the Florida documents were amended was to show he had received a large loan from Millennium Marketing, the company co-managed by his mother. The statement went on to say that he has paid back that loan in full.)

Also, the congressman's campaign said he "has not personally become aware of any involvement by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), as he has not been contacted by them. He has only read media reports." And that he has not had any discussions with the House GOP leadership about the investigation.