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Obama addresses Egypt, economy in YouTube interview

President Obama Thursday answered questions live via YouTube following the State of the Union.

Recap from NBC News: In a YouTube interview set up by the White House, President Obama called for restraint from the Egyptian government as well as demonstrators in that country, adding that he has told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak that "moving forward on reforms is absolutely critical."

Asked about the mounting debt and unemployment, the president said his administration will be "focused exclusively" on economic growth over the next 12 months. He said he will look to make cuts "with a scalpel, as opposed to a chain saw" in order to save $400 billion.

Obama was also asked about U.S. drug policy and whether it was time to legalize and regulate drugs. He said he was opposed to legalization and added that the nation must focus on the problem of drug use as a "public health problem."

There were also several light-hearted questions. Obama said he wanted to stay neutral on a prediction for the Super Bowl and said that the best thing about being president is the ability to help people. The worst thing, he said, is feeling trapped in "the bubble."

Other topics included the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, renewable energy, the DREAM Act and health care.