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GOP watch: Protesting the Koch brothers

Politico reports that liberals plan to protest the billionaire Koch brothers -- who have funded Tea Party groups like Americans for Prosperity -- at their annual business meeting. "This weekend, for the eighth straight year, the billionaire Koch brothers will convene a meeting of roughly 200 wealthy businessmen, Republican politicians and conservative activists for a semi-annual conference to raise millions of dollars for the institutions that form the intellectual foundation – and, increasingly, the leading political edge – of the conservative movement."

"In the past, the meetings have drawn an A-list of participants – politicians like Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, leading free-market thinkers including American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks, talkers Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and even Supreme Court justices - to mingle with the wealthy donors who comprise the bulk of the invitees. The meetings adjourned after soliciting pledges of support from the donors – sometimes totaling as much as $50 million – to non-profit groups favored by the Kochs."

Now: "Common Cause, the liberal watchdog group, is planning a protest called 'Uncloaking the Kochs' and what it calls 'the billionaires caucus' on Sunday a few miles down the road from the resort in Rancho Mirage, Calif., where this weekend’s conference will be held, and a handful of reporters have made plans to try to cover the Koch’s closed-door gathering." 

Common Cause and other liberals will hold a conference call at noon ET to provide details about their rally against the Koch brothers.