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Previewing the official GOP response to SOTU

In the official GOP response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech tonight, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., will tell viewers that those in his party "owe you a better choice and a different vision" on spending and the nation's budget.

In an excerpt released to the press and on his Facebook page, Ryan, the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, says that the country is understandably "skeptical" of those on both sides of the aisle, and that the new GOP budget will address debt reduction.

"Americans are skeptical of both political parties, and that skepticism is justified – especially when it comes to spending.  So hold all of us accountable.  In this very room, the House will produce, debate, and advance a budget.  Last year – in an unprecedented failure– Congress chose not to pass, or even propose a budget.  The spending spree continued unchecked.  We owe you a better choice and a different vision.  Our forthcoming budget is our obligation to you – to show you how we intend to do things differently … how we will cut spending to get the debt down… help create jobs and prosperity … and reform government programs.”

Ryan, who was first elected to the House in 1998 at age 28, is a leading voice among fiscal conservatives on the Hill. He was once offered the job of budget director for President George W. Bush. (He turned the job down to stay in Congress, where he rocketed to the top of the budget panel two years later.)