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Which Democrats voted for repeal?

From NBC's Shawna Thomas and Carrie Dann
Three Democrats voted with all House Republicans on Wednesday to repeal the health care reform bill signed into law by Barack Obama last year.

Democratic Reps. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Mike Ross of Arkansas, and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina joined GOP lawmakers in supporting the symbolic vote to repeal the law.

The three Democrats were among the 39 who voted against the legislation in November of 2009. Just 12 of those lawmakers are still serving in the House in the new Congress (six retired or left their seats to seek higher office; the remainder lost their re-election bids.)

Boren, Ross, and McIntyre were joined by Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell of North Carolina earlier this month in supporting a procedural measure that teed up the repeal vote. Kissell voted no on repeal today.

The final vote was 245-189.