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But Hu's counting?

While much was made of the Chinese military's test flight of its latest prototype of the J-20 Stealth Fighter jet during Secretary Gates' visit to Beijing last week, the U.S. is prepared to offer President Hu a little fireworks of its own.

Tomorrow, the U.S. military will launch a Delta-4 rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to put a new, classified spy satellite into orbit for the highly-secretive National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO network of satellites provides the CIA and Defense Department with overhead imagery and audio intercepts from the world's hot spots, and "places of interest," like China for example.

U.S. officials tell NBC News that this launch had been previously scheduled and the timing which coincides with President Hu's visit is "only a coincidence."

While there's no indication otherwise, that's just what the Chinese said about the J-20 test flight during the Gates visit.