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GOP watch: Decision day

Politico's headline: "Zero hour for Michael Steele at RNC."

From the story: "While each of the four party insiders seeking to oust Chairman Michael Steele– who took office less than two years ago with a pledge to give the RNC 'something completely different' – brings a unique set of skills, none have the national stature to compete with Steele’s TV-ready style. Still, the former Maryland lieutenant governor enters Friday’s voting in a dire position, with a majority of RNC members less inclined to praise Steele than to replace him." And there's this reminder: "Early vote tallies, of course, can be deceptive in a race that will be decided over the course of several secret ballots, with plenty of lobbying and deal-making in between."

The Hill: "Republicans will decide Friday whether Michael Steele deserves some credit for the party’s historic victory in last year’s midterm elections or whether he should be replaced ahead of the presidential campaign cycle for being a gaffe-prone liability."

“A Republican group that includes former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday kicks off its efforts to improve the party's outreach to Hispanic voters, many of whom have criticized Republicans for using harsh rhetoric to attack illegal immigration,” the AP writes. “The new Hispanic Action Network convenes for a two-day policy conference starting Thursday evening that will feature several high-ranking Republicans and focus on issues such as trade, immigration, media outreach and education.”