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2012: Nothing 'off the table' for Bachmann

BACHMANN: “Rep. Michele Bachmann is beginning to consider a presidential run, according to close congressional aides,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes. “As part of that effort, the Minnesota Republican is traveling to the early caucus state of Iowa on Jan. 21 to confer with state GOP leaders and address a group of conservative tax activists… While Bachmann has made no firm decision about a White House bid in 2012, ‘nothing is off the table,’ press aide Sergio Gor told the Star Tribune Wednesday, confirming an earlier ABC News report.

BARBOUR: Local NBC affiliate WDAM says the Mississippi governor sounded “much like a national candidate for office” talking about national energy policy. “Barbour said the nation's high gas prices were related to the federal government's long term ban on new offshore drilling in parts of the country following the oil spill last spring. The Governor argued for an American energy strategy that requires more production from this country.” He said, "We have always had as an advantage in the United States that we had abundant, affordable, reliable energy. And this administration is moving away from that. Their view is to drive up the cost of energy so people will use less of it."

DANIELS: “Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels will attend CPAC, speaking to the annual conservative confab on Feb. 11,” Politico writes. “It's another sign that Daniels is thinking seriously about a White House bid.”

GINGRICH: “The No. 1 focus of House Republicans must be developing and implementing the right policies that will help entrepreneurs and small businesses create jobs and paychecks,” wrote former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Wednesday in an e-mail sent out to supporters. “A booming economy will help balance the budget. It is also the best social policy we can have for American families. As President Ronald Reagan used to remind us, the best social program is a job because it allows the individual to take care of their family with dignity and independence. Many other activities and programs may make us feel good, but none are as important as creating the right policies for job creation.”

PALIN: Based on a Palin Re-Tweet of something written by commentator Tammy Bruce , Politico’s Barr writes, “Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin -- whose lips have been sealed about the recent repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ -- is now hinting that she supports the move.” More: “Palin aide Rebecca Mansour later relayed one of Bruce’s comments questioning whether the mainstream media would take notice of Palin retweeting “something that stands [with] gays.” But there was no clarity on Palin’s actual position.

PAWLENTY: He’ll be on The View Tuesday.

“Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton will sign an order Wednesday that reverses his Republican predecessor's policy barring state agencies from seeking certain discretionary federal health grants, his office announced Tuesday night,” Bloomberg reports.

PENCE: He’ll be in South Carolina this weekend, keynoting the black-tie Awakening Conference’s annual dinner before “dozens of prominent conservatives,” Politico writes.

ROMNEY: He said this yesterday of Republicans taking back the House: “We face many challenges, but in no area is leadership more important than in addressing the economy and the need for new jobs,” noted Romney. “Let’s face it: Washington has become a job-killing beast. It is slowly but surely smothering the very pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit that made America the freest, strongest nation on earth. Fortunately, we took the first step in slaying that job-killing beast by electing a Republican majority to the United States House of Representatives last November. But reclaiming majority control of the House is just the first step. We have a lot of work to do to change Washington and get our economy back on track.”

He’s going to be on The View Feb. 1. It will be his second visit.