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Who didn't vote for Pelosi as minority leader?

From NBC's Shawna Thomas and Luke Russert; msnbc.com's Carrie Dann:

As her party enters the minority in the U.S. House, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been once again elected to the chamber’s top Democratic leadership spot. But Pelosi’s party wasn’t unanimous in backing her for the job, with almost one in ten members of the caucus voting for a different candidate.

A total of 19 Democrats broke with their party to vote for someone other than Pelosi, whose low approval ratings have been frequently cited as one reason for heavy Democratic losses in the November election.

Eleven voted for Pelosi rival and Blue Dog Rep. Health Shuler of North Carolina.

Here’s a full list of the defectors:

For Shuler (11):
Altmire (PA)
Boren (OK)
Cooper (TN)
Donnelly (IN)
Holden (PA)
Kissell (NC)
McIntyre (NC)
Matheson (UT)
Michaud (ME)
Ross (AR)
Shuler (NC)

For Rep. John Lewis of Georgia (2)
Barrow (GA)
Giffords (AZ)

For Rep. Jim Costa of California (1)
Cardoza (CA)

For Rep. Dennis Cardoza of California (1)
Costa (CA)

For Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee (1)
Kind (WI)

For Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio (1)
Lipinski (IL)

For Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland (1)
Schrader (OR)

Voting “present” (1)
Bishop (GA)