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Boehner has enough votes to be speaker

John Boehner (R-OH) has a majority of votes to be Speaker of the House. (He hasn't been sworn in yet, so he is technically not speaker yet.)

*** UPDATE *** Here's the vote tally:

Boehner - 241 votes
Pelosi - 173 votes
Dennis Cardoza - 1 Vote
Jim Cooper - 1 Vote
Jim Costa - 1 Vote
Steny Hoyer - 1 Vote
Marcy Kaptur - 1Vote
John Lewis - 2 Votes
Heath Shuler - 11 Votes
One member voted present
(Pelosi and Boehner don't vote)

(UPDATE: Pelosi voted for herself, somewhat out of the ordinary. Rep. Peter Defazio, D-Ore., was the Democrat who did not vote.)

Lorraine Miller House Clerk: "Therefore the honorable John A. Boehner of the State of Ohio has received the Majority of the votes cast is duly elected Speaker of the house of representatives."