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Congress: Mark your calendars -- Jan. 12

Per the Washington Post, “House Republicans have set Jan. 12 as their day to vote on a repeal of President Obama's health-care law, after a midterm election in which they campaigned against the landmark legislation as a government takeover of the health industry.”

"As newly-elected Republican governors plot ways to push back against the healthcare law, the Republican Governor's Association (RGA) is preparing an organized effort aimed at helping governors fight its implementation," The Hill reports. "In an interview with Ballot Box, new RGA Executive Director Phil Cox said he anticipates the committee will play a central role in organizing Republican governors against the law — an effort he said is currently in the planning stages."

The DCCC is releasing this memo today: “What a difference a couple of months make. During the 2010 campaigns, House Republican candidates affiliated with the Tea Party ran strongly against “government health care.” Most Republican Freshman are refusing to say whether they will accept government funded health care as a Member of Congress. A few Members-elect have honored their campaign rhetoric by refusing to accept congressional health care."

More: "Despite their campaign rhetoric and public opinion, most incoming Republican Freshman will not say whether they will accept government health care. Their silence can only mean one thing: Republican Freshman will hypocritically take government funded health care even though they ran campaigns against it."

Debt ceiling 'showdown' looms: "Tea Party champion Sen. Jim DeMint says he's ready for a 'showdown' with President Obama over raising the government debt ceiling," the New York Post writes. "DeMint's threat is setting up a high-stakes game of chicken on Capitol Hill with Republicans demanding stark spending cuts before they consider raising the debt limit and Democrats warning that a failure to do so would trash the country's credit rating and risk a government shutdown." DeMint told the conservative Human Events magazine: "This needs to be a big showdown. Enough is enough, folks. We can't keep taking home the bacon and take care of the best interests of our country."

A “lavish fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday night at a trendy Washington hotel to benefit a dozen GOP freshmen is not exactly the populist image leaders are anxious to project,” Politico writes.

The New York Daily News profiles Rep. Pete King (R-NY): The GOP takeover of the House on Wednesday offers liberal New York one bright spot: Long Islander Pete King takes control of the powerful Homeland Security Committee. The Nassau County Republican is already making it a 'major priority' to steer as much federal cash as possible to the city's anti-terror operations."

"Rep. Heath Shuler plans to vote for himself rather than Rep. Nancy Pelosi during Wednesday’s floor vote for Speaker, and he predicted Monday that Democratic colleagues who are similarly displeased with her past leadership as Speaker would back him as well," Roll Call writes.