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GOP watch: Steele's 'Hail Mary'

The New York Post's Hurt: "Embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele made a Hail Mary plea yesterday to hold on to his top perch in the Republican Party for a second term."

The Washington Post’s Balz: “Michael Steele, the embattled chairman of the Republican National Committee, defended his record Monday at a forum with four rivals who charged him with mismanagement and said the committee faces a major task of rebuilding its finances and credibility. Steele was unapologetic through most of the 90-minute session. He pointed to the 2010 midterm elections in which Republicans made major gains, including a takeover of the House.”

Roll Call's lead from yesterday's debate: "Recognizing that Republican primary battles in 2010 ended with some critical general election losses, the candidates who want to lead the national party through the next cycle said Monday they would again stay out of primaries and stressed the GOP must remain a big tent party."

The Hill: "Republicans' worries about fundraising, ahead of what is expected to be a billion-dollar presidential election, dominated the debate over who should be the party's next chairman."

"RNC Chairman Michael Steele said that his four challengers have not yet made the case for why he should not be re-elected. In an interview with NBC News shortly after the debate, Steele said that his opponents - all of whom arguably have the experience needed for the job - would not win by touting their own record, but by making a compelling argument for why Steele does not deserve a second term as chairman, despite widespread Republican victories during his tenure."